Important note : this page is designed for members to renew their membership to 'K-D-I' intranet platform (i.e., the member's section)… if you have lost your ID and-or PW, please fill again the REGISTRATION FORM, in full ; if you have not lost them and cannot anymore access the member's section, the reason is probably that you have not accessed the member's section since several months to a year or that you changed your e-mail address without notifying K-D-I and your account has been frozen (or deleted) for security sake.


RENEWAL of active membership to K-D-I is then an easy process… send an e-mail with, in the subject box, renewal to K-D-I and your full name…
in the message box, just state as many information supplied in your initial registration form (e.g. full name, home address, birth date, ID and PW and-or the short unique-to-you statement) and add the following statement : Dear Dr Huber, I confirm I wish to continue to freely access the knowledge base of Killi-Data and benefit of all its free services, and obviously I shall keep to conform to the 9 ethical commitments I signed along my initial registration with K-D-I. Here is my full home postal address : xxxxxx. I sign and date: yyyyyyy, 2017-11-15.
Within a week (maybe more during holiday periods), your will receive an answer that your account has been re-activated (in the future… please do not sleep on it !)