Killi-Data Series is a recurring small book, published irregularly depending on work load and contribution pipe line.

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Abstracts of Killi-Data Series are freely available in dedicated pages for each published paper.

  • 16 or 24 or 32 or 36 or 64 pages, or even more
  • 1 language (English)
  • pocket format (15cm x 10.5 cm)
  • focused on new evidence or changes in nomenclature and systematics for oviparous cyprinodontiformes fishes
  • with short but full descriptions of new names (species, genus), systematics and nomenclatural works and objective comments on recent publications (an item never found in literature, today)
  • once or several times per year, or not all, depending on work load and contribution pipe line.

Killi-Data Series is available printed and also as PDF documents (since 2013, PDFs are accepted by ICZN for availability of nomenclatorial acts and new names following strict conditions).

Killi-Data Series is registered at ICZN Zoobank     legend  .

Killi-Data Series deals only with Killifish (oviparous Cyprinodontiformes).

Manuscripts of Killi-Data Series are reviewed in depth by anonymous peers (i.e., not on format or reputation/profession of authors, but on contents) and by expert reviewers.


Killi-Data Series 2011 [16 pages, as a print, ISBN 978-2-9527283-6-2, as a PDF document, ISBN 978-2-9527283-8-6] contents are:
* Description of Aapticheilichthys, nov. gen., a new monotypic fish genus of Lampeyes (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae) from western Africa [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Comments on the Identification of Poll's type of Aphyosemion maeseni by Sonnenberg & Busch, 2009 [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Comments on the Name Correction of Callopanchax sidibei into C. sidibeorum, by Sonnenberg & Busch, 2010 [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]


Killi-Data Series 2012 [32 pages, as a print, ISBN 978-2-9527283-7-9, as a PDF document, ISBN 978-2-9527283-9-3] contents are:
* Proposal of a replacement family-group name for pre-occupied Epiplateinae Huber [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Reappraisal of the Phylogeny of Rivulus and its Allied focused on External Characters [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Description of Yssolebias, nov. gen., a new monotypic fish genus for an old and phantom species of Colombia [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]


Killi-Data Series 2013 [64 pages, as a print, ISBN 978-2-9547546-0-4, as a PDF document, ISBN 978-2-9547546-1-1] contents are:
* Reappraisal of the Phylogeny of the African genus Aphyosemion (Cyprinodontiformes) focused on External Characters, in line with Molecular Data, with new and redefined Subgenera [more details and abstract at dedicated [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Pronothobranchius chirioi n. sp. a new annual killifish species from the Niger River drainage, with redescriptions of P. kiyawensis, P. gambiensis and P. seymouri (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae) [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Four new species of Rivulus Poey, 1860, subgenus Cynodonichthys Meek, 1904 (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) from the Magdalena River Basin, Central Colombia, including notes on Rivulus (Cynodonichthys) elegans Steindachner, 1880 [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]


Killi-Data Series 2014 [36 pages, as a print, ISBN 979-10-93353-00-5, as a PDF document, ISBN 979-10-93353-01-2] contents are:
* Nothobranchius bellemansi and Nothobranchius occultus (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae) two new annual killifish from Sudan [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Expanded habitat ranges of Rivulus (Cynodonichthys) pivijay and Rivulus (Cynodonichthys) xi, with remarks on threatened type locality of Rivulus (Cynodonichthys) elegans [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Nomenclatural changes regarding some taxa names created by DeKay, McClelland, Myers, Steindachner, Valenciennes, following the new availability of old publications as electronic archives on the Internet [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]


Killi-Data Series 2015 [36 pages, as a print, ISBN 979-10-93353-02-9, as a PDF document, ISBN 979-10-93353-03-6] contents are:
* A morphological rediagnosis of Yssolebias within cyprinodontoids (Cyprinodontiformes) following the detailed osteological analysis by Costa based on a new radiograph of the single type of Cyprinodon martae Steindachner [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Nothobranchius torgashevi (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae), a new species of annual killifish with two male colour morphs from the Lake Eyasi basin, central Tanzania [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Comments on the Description of Aphanius marassantensis by Pfleiderer, Geiger & Herder, 2014, with proposed synonymization [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]


Killi-Data Series 2016-2017 [24 pages, as a print, ISBN 979-10-93353-04-3, as a PDF document, ISBN 9979-10-93353-05-0] contents are:
* Reanalysis of single type of Rivulus ocellatus Hensel, 1880 in Berlin Museum pending its putative molecular analysis, with the proposal of revalidation of Rivulus caudomarginatus [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]
* Miscellaneous comments on Haplochilus marnoi and bifasciatus Steindachner, 1881, with lectotype designations, on the identity of Rivulus rachovii Ahl, 1925 with suggested revalidation, and on the ICZN availability or not of two synonymized taxa. [more details and abstract at dedicated PAGE]


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In line with the current ICZN code, Killi-Data Series are readable in full or in part as printed copies and or PDFs in at least 5 public international libraries where it has been sent freely and deposited after publication, following ICZN rules. Each of these institutions have specific practices for readers (professional scientists or not, read-only or photocopying possible, free of charge or not).

Full list of international public libraries having received at least one edition.

  • BNF, Paris, France WEB [legal deposit]
  • MNHN, Paris, France WEB [all editions]
  • USNM, Washington DC, USA, WEB [all editions]
  • NHM (BMNH), London, UK WEB [all editions]
  • MRAC, Tervueren (near Brussels), Belgium WEB [all editions]
  • ZMB, Berlin, GermanyWEB [all editions]
  • NMW, Vienna (Wien), Austria WEB [all editions]
  • MNCN, Madrid, Spain (Espana)WEB [in part]
  • MZUSP, Sao Paulo, Brazil WEB [in part]

For submission (Killi-Data Series 2018 hypothetically scheduled before December 2018), please send an electronic file of the text and the attachments at the targeted place better by e-mail at (no reply with that mail box) or possibly on a CD :

For information, hereafter is reproduced the first editorial that describes the project, published with Killi-Data Series 2011 (updated and expanded with the editorial of Killi-Data Series 2013, on December 27. 2013)

Killi-Data Series is a new by-product of Killi-Data which is scheduled to be published once or twice a year, maybe not each year depending on available material, at no scheduled date.

Killi-Data Series is published along with :

  • the standard Killi-Data (subtitled as "Updated checklist of taxonomic names, collecting localities & bibliographic references of oviparous Cyprinodontiformes Fishes") published in 1994, 1996, 2000, 2007, in up to 5 languages
  • Killi-Data Catalogue 2006 (reference : Huber, J.H. 2006. Killi-Data Catalogue 2006, Killi-Data Editions, Paris: 1028pp., figs., maps, ISBN : 2-9527283-0-5), a mirror at the end of year 2006 of the contents of the 1300 taxa files of the Internet site under the URL
  • Pocket Killi-Data, a handbook dedicated to aquarists to provide them with current correct scientific names, accompanied with names of aquarium populations and with countries of distribution (yearly published since 2004, in up to 6 languages, as a printable file for aquarists' national associations)

In focus, Killi-Data Series is restricted to taxonomy and systematics of oviparous Cyprinodontiformes, and nothing else.

In substance, Killi-Data Series publishes original articles within :

  • a specialized space and environment (no submission outside the focus given in principles)
  • a deepened reviewing process by the community (expert reviewers for the theme, no superficial revision based only on formatted rules of presentation or on no man's land neutral attitude) and by professional reviewers, all anonymous, unless they specifically accept not to be
  • a balanced platform with alternative evidence-based points of argumentation (papers titled "comments on")
  • a respectful culture (in case of conflicting results with existing published evidence, no therein publication without option of reaction and comments given to the concerned authors).
  • the acknowledgement of each author's contribution (an author who is submitting a manuscript will never be refused for further publication when his argumentation is evidence-based and bring research value ; the author has to comply with each request by the anonymous reviewers, item by item and formally, the author is then finalizing his work for publication and he himself edits it like how he wants it to be published (he is not only responsible for the contents but also for the edition of his work, e.g. the structure of his work, the format of the titles, the format of the bibliography are not changed).

Killi-Data Series welcomes all authors : for the first 2 editions (2011, 2012), the single author is the editor, with further editions (2013 and 2014), 2 authors other than Huber have joined.





The book Killi-Data Series is a non periodical publication with original articles on systematics and nomenclature on oviparous Cyprinodontiformes: it may be published once or several times a year or not at all depending on the pipe line of publications

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