Important : registration is fully free with a simple e-mail (copy-paste, exactly as below), it is automatically accepted if postal address is not forgotten (legally required in France), if scientifically motivated and after a first connection to database with ID/PW within 1 month


EXPRESS REGISTRATION (required reading) | DETAILS OF REGISTRATION (useful reading, in short things to do and do not, notably for aquarists) | PRINCIPLES OF KILLI-DATA (optional reading, in short mutual mission, mutual spirit) | ETHICAL COMMITMENTS (required reading, in short binding behavior) | STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS (optional reading, in short be patient and cooperative) |



Express Registration (simple e-mail only in English):


Registration to Killi-Data is very simple and quick on your side.
You need (required) to know well and fully agree with the principles, the unique spirit, the code of ethics, the 9 ethical commitments (details below), the minimum involvement as a motivated member (nothing stringent though !).
Then, 2 distinct cases…
If you are a professional researcher, it requires only usage of your institutional mailbox (but you'll have the opportunity to add another mailbox for correspondance).
If you are not (e.g., you are an aquarist, an amateur biologist, a collector, a conservationist, a field ecologist, etc.) you need before (required) to comply with 3 constraints in order to fit with the Killi-Data offer i.e., (1) read easily scientific English (please, check first your understanding in GLOSSARY), (2) know in practice what is the basic information provided and read the database example (SAMPLE) since most other lists and tables are derived from that basic information (as many views of different angles from the same raw data), (3) demonstrate your ability to get benefits from the knowledgebase by forwarding a short profile of yourself (think how best your profile can fit with Killi-Data) and by showing your motivations to join (give reasons through education or experience, focus, interests, networks in associations, internet platforms, etc.), knowing that if you are a current member of a killifish association (oviparous or viviparous), then acceptance will be very likely (almost 100%) (please do not forget to state your association number or ask a BOT member to sponsor your application).
IMPORTANT : in both cases, registration is done with an easy, simple and short mail, but all data are required, nothing can be missing (notably complete postal address, a legal constraint in France, number of association current membership if needed, real motivations).


First select your mailbox, (1) if you are a researcher, professional or amateur, the mailbox of your institution or the mailbox you have officially stated as (co-)author in a (recent) publication (2) if you are a scientifically motivated aquarist, a mailbox with your name in it, e.g., or the mailbox you use with your killifish association (notes : the selected mailbox will be used to send you at least your ID and PW ; however for both types of membership, it will be possible to add another (more usual) mailbox for all other correspondences between you and Killi-Data, at the end of your registration message).

Second, send an e-mail to fill the official registration to the following encrypted electronic address (beware of the exact spelling)… .

Third, in the subject box of your e-mail, please fill in (not less, not more) : Killi-Data, then your full name, then current date as YYYY-MM-DD (for example, it will end up as : Killi-Data, Pablo SMITH, 2017-10-17).

Fourth, in the message box, please copy-paste all the following text… I (my full name [and my professional position for pro-researchers]) strongly wish to become a member of Killi-Data International and I pledge to fully comply with the 9 ethical commitments of Killi-Data International membership. I accept that any fault will induce definitive exclusion. I shall visit the knowledge base regularly and I shall cooperate according to my own capacities. My date of birth is (in full as YYYY-MM-DD, if confidential type YYYY-01-01), my country of origin is (type the name of country where you were born), my place of residence is (type your present full postal address with zip code and country). I am (or have been, if previously) a member of the following oviparous or viviparous Killifish Associations (list them with their code and for each your affiliation number, present membership first). My number of years of aquarium experience with killifish is (type a number even if approximate or 0 if absolute beginner… but still scientifically minded). My past collecting trips for killifish are (type none or if any, year, country). My added information are (type free comments, topics of interest, specialization in a group or a genus, and add a few words (compulsory), max. 400 characters, as a short profile that describes you well for other members, shows your motivation to become a member and justifies your scientific interest in biology, etc.). My preferred killi is (type its name, oviparous or viviparous). I accept, I do not accept (choose one of the 2 options, delete the other) to receive scientific alerts and announcements by e-mail from Killi-Data and only from Killi-Data. I select my own ID with 7 to 15 characters including only letters, caps or not, nothing else (i.e., login, preferably with my last name and initials or my last name and first name, all attached) and I select my own PW (i.e., password) with 7 to 15 characters including letters, caps or not, AND numbers as (type your selected ID= ; PW= , if not, a computed ID and PW will be attributed by return). I sign (type your name initials, the present date in full and a short unique-to-you statement).

Fifth, then fill required various informations above with your own data, clear out useless text or parentheses, and add a profile with your motivations (e.g., [...] My date of birth is 1979-12-25, my country of origin is USA [...]. My preferred killi is Nothobranchius furzeri. I sign Pablo Eduardo Smith, 17 October 2017, Nothos for ever) (etc.).

… to show a full example, click on next pic K-D-I registration example]… and it is finished (easy) !



Details of Registration (for aquarists : minimum requirements and motivations):


Owing to good word-of-mouth referral in oviparous and viviparous killifish circles, most visitors already know well the principles, the unique spirit, the code of ethics, the 9 ethical commitments, the minimum involvement as a motivated member, notably regular visits of the database (if not the case, read further, next item) and most visitors have checked once standard contents in database example (SAMPLE), and if so, to save your time, here is the quickest way to become a member with a simple e-mail message.

Important notes to all applicants : the admin team is short of resources, therefore if a registration message is not in English, or, if your motivations and profile to become a member are not matching the scientific contents of the database, your application will not be considered (because by experience it will be a loss of time for you and the admin team) ; please dear aquarists, do not apply with a fancy e-mail address (e.g. or a collective e-mail address (, do not apply if you are a beginner aquarist without scientific biological background (please, apply first to a dedicated aquarists ASSOCIATION), do not apply if you do not grasp scientific English (please, check first your understanding in GLOSSARY), do not apply if you want free services without the will to contribute and cooperate (even easily by spotting typing errors), do not apply if you want to buy-sell-exchange fish or eggs (no possibility) ; from the submitted data, only your name, surname, year of birth, country of residence, e-mail address, and a short text describing you as a profile, might be shown online some time in the future in the members' section for cooperative exchanges between members [today, nothing is shown online, but should this be the case in the future, you will be able to modify or suppress any data online directly by yourself] ; most requested data are asked to avoid fake or long-nose registrations which is unfortunately a reality after controls ; the registration is quick and easy once in your life, please make it easy and quick to the admin team too !



Principles of Killi-Data (unique spirit and mission):


Killi-Data is a scientific platform of knowledge and of cooperation between members.

No fees are requested to become a member, but according to your capacities, cooperation will be asked to you or will be expected directly from you, from time to time.

Even if you are of course welcome, please remember that Killi-Data, as a platform of scientific knowledge, is filled with facts based on scientific evidence, totally independent from the author's own research works and that this is not a forum where to chat on aquarium tips, on systematic rumors or opinions, or a platform where to exchange eggs or fish (list of members is not published), etc. ; note that your registration must not be just for fun (or supposedly to please the author !)… please have a look first at a standard EXAMPLE of the database and if you need to know about 1 name only, species or genus, please ask, also freely, for a PDF of the database contents for it, at GRATUITY… if you do not visit regularly the members' section each year, your registration will be automatically frozen or even deleted, even if you are a friend of the author-editor !

Even if you are of course welcome, please remember that it is entirely in English (you need to be at ease in reading that language) and it only includes scientific stuff with scientific wording, and as such it is not suitable to beginners killi-hobbyists (they would be better suited to join a killifish ASSOCIATION, since even detailed aquaristic data are therein given as plain and formal facts).
This is the reason why a short profile is asked with registration, in order to describe yourself and your own interests, show motivation to become a member and justify personal scientific interest in biology, notably for aquarists, beginners or not.

All costs are paid by Dr Jean H. Huber, initiator, editor and indexer of Killi-Data (notably yearly charges for hosting the website). 
Revenues from online advertising (viewed pages and clicks on advertisement links) will reduce the amount of yearly charges ; no financial benefit is rewarded to Dr Jean H. Huber (see MISSION statement).
The objective of Killi-Data is to develop knowledge of Cyprinodontiformes by promoting research, conservation and collecting trips.

If you wish to donate small amounts of money to Cyprinodontiformes fish research, please see the DONATION process, for crowd-funding various Institutions.



Ethical Commitments (compulsory compliance to be a member):


By becoming a member of Killi-Data, you comply to the following 9 ethical commitments
Because they are so important to the cooperative spirit of Killi-Data.

while subscribing to Killi-Data online,

  1. I have forwarded correct and complete information
  2. I shall not download any photo or any file from the data base, except for private use
  3. I shall never attempt to download the complete web site
  4. I shall not give my login and password to other individuals, whoever they are
  5. I shall make every efforts to contribute to Killi-Data by forwarding any missing data or by informing of errors, according to my own capacities
  6. I shall always refer to Killi-Data either printed book or online, when publishing information issued from the database, and quote it as a bibliographic reference
  7. I shall conform to the netiquette in all aspects
  8. I agree with the principles to build a cooperative platform to develop knowledge on fishes of order Cyprinodontiformes or Killifishes
  9. I pledge to usually use the same Internet connection line to access to the database



Step-by-step Process, Involvement and Cooperation (administrative stance):


Please check carefully all information in your e-mail of your registration because if information is not correct, incomplete or inadequate, you will have to start again from scratch !


Please remember that with a simple e-mail of registration, all data controls are on your side (please check your mailbox address, check format of data given, for example dates must be given as year-Month-Day, like 2020-04-29, check fullness of your short profile and of your motivations 


What will be the next steps after you have accurately registered ?

  • You will receive a simple e-mail of confirmation (Login, Password, keep them safely) with a provisional last date of possible connection (that date will be automatically extended if you visit regularly the members' section and if you do not ignore calls for cooperation, obviously according to your capacities).
  • Please be patient : to receive your ID and PW may take some time (usually a few days and up to 3 weeks, because it is a duty done by volunteers only).