KILLI - DATA SERIES, 2014, Huber, nomenclatural notes, Fundulus zonatus, Panchax lineatum, Orestias agassii, Lebias ibericus, Fundulus fasciatus



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Killi-Data Series 2014 [as a print, ISBN 979-10-93353-00-5, as a PDF document, ISBN 979-10-93353-01-2]

Killi-Data Series 2014, 24-35, 3 figs.

Nomenclatural changes regarding some taxa names created by DeKay, McClelland, Myers, Steindachner, Valenciennes, following the new availability of old publications as electronic archives on the Internet.

Huber, J.H. 

Abstract: During recent years the bibliographic landscape of early scientific publications has been completely reshuffled by the emergence of cooperative projects dedicated to their digitalisation mainly managed by 2 public groups of institutions, under the name Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL and BHL-Europe), and also, based on more individual initiatives, by BNF, Hathi Trust or Google Inc. (etc.). The resulting files as PDF, freely available on the Internet, are major resources to re-evaluate the nomenclatural and/or systematic status of taxa described since long. The present work lists a series of those names whose nomenclatural status need to be changed in databases. The entire chapters on oviparous Cyprinodontiformes fishes "Histoire Naturelle des Poissons" by Valenciennes are re-evaluated with issues concerning Fundulus zonatus as an unavailable name and a misidentification, Panchax lineatum proposed as a more accurate type-species of genus Panchax, and Orestias agassii argumented as to be the proper spelling. Besides, Lebias ibericus Steindachner is considered as unavailable, Paecilia (Aplocheilus) melanostigma is moved to ricefishes (then excluded from Cyprinodontiformes), Fundulus fasciatus DeKay is considered as unavailable, Fundulopanchax, Adiniops have been described as subgenera of Aphyosemion Myers, not of Fundulus, and as an addendum, in response to a brand new publication by Costa, the priority status of Moema quii vs. ortegai is confirmed, the latter being a junior synonym.