KILLI - DATA SERIES, 2022, Vermeulen, description Rivulus adrianae



Killi-Data Series 2022 [20 pages, as a print, ISBN 978-2-9547546-2-8, as a PDF document, ISBN 978-2-9547546-3-5]

Killi-Data Series 2022, 4-19, 10 figs.

Rivulus adrianae, a new species of the aplocheiloid killifish genus Rivulus (s.l.), (Cyprinodontiformes; Rivulidae), from Sipaliwini River, Courantyne River basin, Sipaliwini District, South-Western Suriname.

Vermeulen, F.B.M. 

Abstract :

A new species in the family Rivulidae, Rivulus adrianae, is described from a small creek, tributary of the Sipaliwini River, drainage of the Courantyne River in remote Southwestern Suriname. The new species differs from other group members by the bright gold markings on the lateral sides and the absence of the ocellus in males and females. Rivulus adrianae n. sp. also differs by the lack of a longitudinal striped pattern of red spots, typical of most congeners.



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